Sorry for my long absence. This is not a good start..

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Yes, I'm still alive and well. Sorry for not writing.

Andrew Scott (as James "Jim" Moriarty) channeling my feelings now

Yesterday I remembered my homepage. Not that I forgot it, but it popped up during a discussion and I instantly felt incredibly guilty. I neglected it, and I shouldn't have. After the first few days life happened, and then I forgot to post, or when I remembered to I didn't have time. A lot has happened in the meantime, but then again nothing important.

What do I plan to do now? AMongst other things, post more stuff here. This is a useful outlet, and i should really be using it more. So, here is my SACRED PLEDGE (which I will forget right away so don't hold me accountable to it):
I will post more regularly on this blog!

As a token of good will, check out this mushrooms drawn with sound and an oscilloscope:

~ Ramsesoriginal