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Projects, Game A Week and Game Jam

26. 10. 2014

I just finished beginning writing the 'Projects' section of this homepage. It will be a collection of all the stuff I'm working on (at the moment it's still pretty empty, as I still have to create the content for it.)

Why start a blog? Aren't blogs dead?

15. 10. 2014

Blogs are dead. Right? They are. The guardian said it. New Republic said it. Forbes said it. Engadget said it. Business week said it. Gigaom said it. Think Progress said it. Gawker said it. ....I could go on. Apparently blogs really are dead. So why (re)start a blog? Is there any value in such an archaic medium? In my opinion, there is. There's a lot of value in it. Let me explain.

Homepage Technology

14. 10. 2014

Do you hate it? Do you love it? Are you just interested by how it works? I'm talking about this homepage. Or better: about the technology behind it. What makes it tick, how does it work? What allows me to do crazy stuff while still being simple and flexible? The solution is a combination of various useful technologies.

Hello World!

14. 10. 2014

Hello. Welcome. Please, enter. Take a seat. Tea? Cookies? No, really, I insist. Are you all set? Ok, then let me start: this is my new homepage. Yes, like in the '90s, this is my lot in cyberspace, my spot on the information superhighway, my node in the world wide web, my electronic home, my corner of The Net, my personal WWW... you get the point.