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Workspace Plan, finally

02. 01. 2017

I finally created a hard plan for my workspace, and I'm actually kind of happy with the result. Next step: getting stuff, then build the thing!

A thing a day

01. 01. 2017

Every skill get better when trained, and having a simple clear goal really helps. Because of that, now I have a simple clear goal: do one thing a day.


27. 07. 2016

I like discussions - let's talk about definitions.

What's up with Ramses?

11. 05. 2016

I have been plenty silent - I really suck at keeping this thing updated. Hopefully this will change! But the question remains: what's up with Ramses? Where in the world is Ramses?

Mandatory Games you should be able to create

18. 10. 2015

If you fancy yourself a game design/developer, there are a few games you should be able to create, in my opinion. Call this the ‘mandatory games‘ for everyone in gamedev.