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What's up with Ramses?

11. 05. 2016

I have been plenty silent - I really suck at keeping this thing updated. Hopefully this will change! But the question remains: what's up with Ramses? Where in the world is Ramses?

Mandatory Games you should be able to create

18. 10. 2015

If you fancy yourself a game design/developer, there are a few games you should be able to create, in my opinion. Call this the ‘mandatory games‘ for everyone in gamedev.

Facebook Open Graph previews not working with Github Pages and CNAME records

21. 03. 2015

Fixing Facebook previews of external links can be easy, but sometimes It's not. In my specific case I managed to find this solution, after a while of research, trial and error.

Sorry for my long absence. This is not a good start..

20. 03. 2015

Yes, I'm still alive and well. Sorry for not writing.

Projects, Game A Week and Game Jam

26. 10. 2014

I just finished beginning writing the 'Projects' section of this homepage. It will be a collection of all the stuff I'm working on (at the moment it's still pretty empty, as I still have to create the content for it.)