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I lack conciseness

13. 06. 2018

Concise, succinct, short, brief, to the point, pithy, incisive, short and sweet, crisp, abridged, condensed, compressed, abbreviated, compact, compendious, potted, in a nutshell, epigrammatic, aphoristic, terse, laconic, sparing, snappy, lapidary. I think none of these words could have ever been used for anything I wrote; I have tremendous respect for those who are able to express their thoughts clearly in a few words.

11 Months

29. 05. 2018

My last post was written 11 months ago to the day.

Homepage Update

29. 06. 2017

After another way too long absence (half a year) I'm finally back to writing on my blog

Elel - Portrait

15. 01. 2017

Remember Elel, the fireball-slinging axe-wielding high elf acolyte? I drew her!


14. 01. 2017

A character I created for D&D 5th edition: Elel, female high elf acolyte trained to be an axe-wielding pyromancer monk