11 Months

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My last post was written 11 months ago to the day.

Character Portrait for Elel
Like Randy Quaid as Russel Casse in Independence Day, "I'm Back"

A lot has happened in the last year, among it also the fact that I lost access to this repository for a while, and that my domain expired. Like the past 334 days, I really plan to write more regularly again. I might post summaries of University topics, for example.

I'm not sure how often I will actually be able to post, or how long it will take to write the next post, but I hope it won't take another 47 weeks and 5 days.

I'm typing this in the Comapool in university, procrastinating as always. I don't really have something to say, I just wanted to let y'all (according to analytics the incredible amount of 5 people read my last post) know that this blog is not dead, and I plan to write more actively.

I'm so lazy I even used the same gif as my last post. The bar for productivity for me is really low, apaprently...

But I really do have some posts lined up already, one I even already nearly finished. It's about one of the reasons I have been so silent: my incapability to be concise. See y'all soon! (I hope)

~ Ramsesoriginal