Elel - Portrait

Tags: character, lowlevel, portrait, highelf, axe, and fireball

Remember Elel, the fireball-slinging axe-wielding high elf acolyte? I drew her!

Character Portrait for Elel
The picture of Elel (high resolution available too)

Yesterday I created the character of Elel, describing her equipment, skills and backstory in details. Again, I din't have tiem to have an in-depth description of her looks, so I decided to just draw her today.

By the way, I was inspired to create this character from a thread on facebook, where you could find alternative ways to have an axe-wielding pyromancer.

Created with GIMP and a Wacom Intuos Pen&Touch Manga (the previous version of this one), and many attempts at lighting a fireball correctly.

~ Ramsesoriginal