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A character I created for D&D 5th edition: Elel, female high elf acolyte trained to be an axe-wielding pyromancer monk

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The basic Information about Elel

As the youngest child of a rather poor family, Elel joined the local temple at a very young age, according to the customs among the local farmers. The monks saw potential in the young child, and noticed her agility of body and mind pretty quickly. After some testing of her predispositions, it was decided that Elel's future would be among the wandering monks hunting demons and protecting the population.

Elel got assigned to three teachers: Master Quindi, a wise High Elf teaching how to live a daily life of respect for others, of empathy and altruism. Master Quindi never misses a chance to remind that in the grand scheme of things rules are nearly irrelevant, as long as it's the best for the people at large. Formally he should have been teaching theology, but that was very secondary in his training - or even tertiary, after the love for calligraphy. Master Blaize, a hot-blooded Fire Genasi teaching the mastery of the flames. She is the incorporation of calmness when everything works out as expected, but is quick to anger and thus feared by most students - not by Elel though, who initiated a deep friendship with Master Blaize, and who certainly adapted both the calmness and the stubbornness from her teacher. Master Lotho, a Ghostwise Halfling teaching how to live and die by the handaxe. The last survivor of his family, his goal in life is to teach his family's fighting techniques to promising students so they won't die out. An expert demon hunter himself, he tries to prepare his students as much as possible.

Growing up in the monastery prepared Elel for her future life, and now that she approaches adulthood she set out into the world to try to apply what she learned into practical actions, be it hunting down demons or helping the common folk, be it crafting beautiful calligraphy to embellish people's life or protecting the weak.

She hopes to able to prove to be worthy to embark on the way of the four elements, following the ancient tradition of controlling the elements to promote goodness in the world, no matter what might be in the way.