Kaitla - Portrait

Tags: character, lowlevel, portrait, dwarf, and glaive

Remember Kaitla, the glaive-wielding dwarf ex-soldier? I drew her!

Character Portrait for Kaitla
The picture of Kaitla (high resolution available too)

Yesterday I created the character of Kaitla, describing her equipment, skills and backstory in details. I had an accurate description of her looks in mind too, but for lack of time and - honestly - space on the character sheet I couldn't write down that too. But I immediately thought of drawing her, so I did!

This was my first time drawing a dwarf - especially a female one. At first I wanted to draw a bulky WoW-esque armor (remember the Warbringer Set? The Warrior Tier 4 set? Look at those shoulders!), but then I decided to go for a more... realistic (but still very fantasy) style. Shortly after starting the lineart I decided to try something I never did before: way-too-revealing impractical female fantasy armor. It's a trope I always made fun of, so I wanted to try it myself for once. Don't worry, I'll also do the same for a male armor too, because why not?

I made a few "errors": clearly lots of technical ones (non-straight lines, illogical cloth folding, really bad shading, etc..), but also some "logical" ones: for example I forgot to draw the grouse tail feathers brooch, the backpack, the crossed axes on the back, the dagger on the forearm, the warhammers on the hips, ... I forgot lots of stuff. I also drew an octagonal shield, and I remembered I described it as round only when I was done. The material choices on the armor might not be the most realistic ones (especially the boots, but I liked the idea), and the ornaments on the glaive are a bit over-the-top. But hey, I kind of like the result, So I'll leave it like this!

Created with GIMP, a Wacom Intuos Pen&Touch Manga (the previous version of this one) and tons of swearing. I really need to draw more, I'm so rusty...

~ Ramsesoriginal