Prove Your Worth

Tags: dungeon, introductory, oneshot, and lowlevel

I created a nice little dungeon for D&D 5th edition - but I can't show it (yet) because my players have yet to encounter it.

part of the dungeon
Part of the map for the first underground floor of the dungeon.

Many D&D campaigns I DMed lack a good initial dungeon: there are encounters, there is stuff happening, but... something is lacking. The game is called Dungeons & Dragons after all, and while dragons are supposed to be mighty enemies (or allies, or (surprisingly often) lovers), dungeons should be encountered every now and then. Having a clearly structured dungeon, with nice mechanics, some traps, treasure, a coherent topic with some variation form room to room, possibilities to explore various play styles, to collaborate as a team and solve riddles... dungeons can be amazing, and have a lot of potential to be great means to get to know the game, your character or the group early on. That's why I decided to create something.

My idea was to have a dungeon that fits into Nerwe's Comapny (a campaign which just started), but flexible enough to be used in different campaigns or even as a one-shot adventure. The dungeon should gradually introduce various mechanics and allow for players to learn the game without having to spend too much time reading the rules. The dungeons should be fairly big, maybe a whole session's worth of playtime, so that there's time and space to explore various mechanics, problems, and so on. It also includes some custom loot and possible plot hooks for future quests. I also prepared some lore and background info - I know lots of DM's just wing it or skip such in-depth discussions about the world, but I love having a plausible world and background for everything, so I am prepared to answer player questions or react to their (inevitable) deviations form my expectations.

At the time of writing this I won't publish the dungeon yet though, as the players still have to experience it - and knowing traps, riddles and enemies in advance would be... it would literally spoil the fun. I pretty much completed it though, and as soon as the group experienced it I will update this post to include the whole thing: lore, maps, enemies, loot tables, mechanics, traps, etc.

~ Ramsesoriginal