A thing a day

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Every skill get better when trained, and having a simple clear goal really helps. Because of that, now I have a simple clear goal: do one thing a day.

Work setup on Tempelhofer Feld
Working does not always mean being stuck inside in front of the computer - it just means work
Shot by me, Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin, on the 06.07.2014

The concept isn't new, as aren't my attempts at it. I started a 365 photography project in 2012 (I took pictures for a few months, but sopped posting them after 20 days). A year later, I tried again, and (at least in my opinion) my photographic skills already improved quite a lot thanks to the practice I had. This time I kept posting for 32 days, and kept shooting a bit more.
I then started the Game A Week project a while later. It was grand, bold, exciting. Sadly, as most of projects, it failed after a while - I kept creating stuff, but not posting it. Missing feedback and time really dug at my motivation, and it kind of faded out. I have a bunch of similar experiences, from review blogs to podcasts, from recoridng music to creating videos, drawing, exercise, ... I could go on.

If you check out my Game A Week project page, I have a very lengthy description on why and how doing a regular thing can help achieving goals. This description still stands - I would even say, I'm more convinced then ever that having a regular goal helps. If you read my article on why I did start a blog (and why you should too), you know one of the reasons was to make me write regularly (turned out great, huh? In 2 and a half years I wrote barely 10 posts... ). Since it's the first of the year today (new year new me... I'm kidding, of course ;-) ), which is as good of an arbitrary date as every other - but it has the nice advantage that it's nice to track what day we're at, how much time has passed, etc., so I decided to start a new project today. Hopefully it will be more successful then the last ones.

So what am I gonna do this time? Well, something. Literally, some thing. Since my interests vary greatly (remember those "Friendship books" one used to give to friends in primary school? When my sister gave me hers, as "hobbies" I filled in "change weekly" - that still mostly holds true), and span lots of topics, and since I have an incredibly hard time staying focused, I decided that this project will be as general as possible. Make a thing, a single thing, at least one thing, but make it and publish it in one day. This can be a blog post, a photograph, a drawing, a 3d model, a tutorial for a dish I cooked, a recording, a code snippet, the completion of a longer project and follow-up summary, a D&D extension or session summary, a game, a piece of furniture (including tutorial), anything. Literally a thing. I might do a few thematically similar things directly grouped together (a few days of posting code snippets, or a few days of travelblog posts, ...), I might do a completely random order of things... whatever I end up doing, I am going to actually do one thing a day.

By the way, I set up a page to check out the list of all the things I did - and to be held accountable if I skip a day or something. But I will try to have a post on the blog every day too, so the blog is a good place to check up on my progress too.

~ Ramsesoriginal