What's up with Ramses?

Tags: apology, absence, and service message

I have been plenty silent - I really suck at keeping this thing updated. Hopefully this will change! But the question remains: what's up with Ramses? Where in the world is Ramses?

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?
Carmen Sandiego, nearly as good at disappearing as me...

What's up with this long absence? Posts every half year? Well, first of all, procrastination is king, apparently. Then we add to that a pinch of wanting to write great posts, and not being happy with my drafts, and huzzah, we have a semi-dormant blog. I wrote and then scratched about a dozen posts, including multiple versions of a post about my trip to Iceland, a post about Boundaries of Light, finally uploading the rest of my game a week games, a few tutorials, a write-up of A.MAZE, ... maybe (hopefully) some of these posts will appear in the future.

For now I will give my best to try to keep this place more alive, posting more stuff. Also to keep me in check, Wanting to post about what I do maybe helps me actually finish stuff? I don't know, hopewfully soemthing good comes from it. Anyway, consider this post a (possible) reboot of this blog.

~ Ramsesoriginal