Projects, Game A Week and Game Jam

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I just finished beginning writing the 'Projects' section of this homepage. It will be a collection of all the stuff I'm working on (at the moment it's still pretty empty, as I still have to create the content for it.)

Leanardo di Caprio (as Jay Gatsby) congratulating me on the launch of the new section

There are two items currently populating the projects list: Game A Week and 0h Game Jam. Let's start from the latter: the 0h Jam.

For those who don't know, a short explanation: the 0h Jam is a global game jam (I'll talk about game jams in general in a later moment) about making a game in 0h. Yes, Zero hours. The trick is, the game jam is taking place during the 1h of daylight saving time switch, so it's starting at 2:00 AM and finishing at 2:00 AM. I started participating in a few game jams before, but it was all half-hearted attempts, without never actually finishing a game.
This time, I not only participated, I actually made a game. I went a bit overtime, but I created a stupid little game in nearly 0h: Falling Balls. (Another game I made is called Extreme Balls. I have a prototype called Balls. I have another one called Bouncing Balls. I'm starting to see a pattern...). I had all kind of problems making the game (thus the overtime), I talk about that on the game's homepage.
But I have to say participating in a game jam is great fun! Even though I was ill, alone and under stress, it was a great experience! I can't wait to participate in the next game jam (there are a lot coming up), it's really worth the time!
This might also be the first game I released that isn't buggy as hell. Yaay!

Screenshot from my 0h Game Jam submission

Then there's the Game a Week project. It's a project that means a lot to me, go read the page I made for it, as I have a good description of why I do this, and why I'm starting now. If you're short on time, let me sum up:
After a long internal struggle I decided, with some motivation from the great Adriel Wallick, to finally create a game every week, with the goal of improving my game-making skill, to create nice ideas, to make the worst games in my career so that I will only get better from here an and generally just to have fun! But really, go check out the page for the Game a Week Project.

~ Ramsesoriginal